StrathAyr Race Track Turf

The StrathAyr Track provides an extremely resilient, safe and long lasting natural grass surface. The racetrack construction consists of a specially engineered profile that incorporates a base drainage layer of gravel and pipes, a lower layer of sand and an upper rootzone layer reinforced with unique ReFlex® mesh elements.

The result is a natural turf racing surface which combines remarkable surface strength, excellent drainage and improved grass growth, allowing increased usage over a longer period.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club pioneered this all weather natural turf track concept 20 years ago and since that time StrathAyr has further refined the design and developed specialised construction machinery.

Cost-Effective Racing Turf

The StrathAyr Track race track construction is significantly more cost-effective than other natural turf construction options due to the unlimited life of the track profile, lower maintenance costs, no cancellations and greater usage.

More Racing

The ability to handle all types of weather conditions, combined with high load bearing capabilities, better wear resistance and faster recovery after damage provides racecourse managers with the opportunity to host more races and increase their returns.

Safer Racing Turf

The technology provides greater surface uniformity and the action of the ReFlex® mesh elements provides a cushioning effect on impact, lowering the potential for injury. Throughout 20 years of racing there has never been a fast rating on any of the ReFlex® tracks.

All Weather

There has never been a wet weather cancellation on a StrathAyr Track or sportsfield. The drainage capability for each project is designed to suit local climatic conditions.

We match the best grass varieties to your lawn needs.


Precision installation of the system is facilitated by a number of machines, purpose-designed by StrathAyr.

Prevents Compaction

The unique application of ReFlex® mesh elements provides the load bearing capability of a secondary bitumen road which enables horses, trucks and turf equipment to travel over the surface in all weather conditions without compaction.

Longer Life

The compaction resistance provided by the inclusion of ReFlex® mesh elements provides a greatly extended life of the rootzone profile.

Profile Design

The StrathAyr Track design remains consistent across all countries. Only the drainage design and turf species selection will vary according to the climate.

Track Management

This hi-tech track is easier to manage than conventional profiles. Moonee Valley records show the StrathAyr Track requires less irrigation and has a lower maintenance cost than conventional racing turf  profiles.

The StrathAyr Track is available world-wide.

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