Portable Drop In Cricket Wickets

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The StrathAyr “Drop-In” Portable Cricket Wicket technology enables cricket wickets to be fully prepared off the ground, transported into position and used immediately.
Portable wickets solve the problem of having cricket pitches on football and rugby fields and enables wickets to be produced in a controlled environment away from field traffic.
The cricket wickets are transported in one slab (25m long, 3m wide, 200mm deep). The wickets are generally moved with the StrathAyr TransportAyr, a purpose built low floatation machine, which minimizes damage to the outfield. Where a TransportAyr is not practical crane and a lifting frame may be utilized.

StrathAyr “Drop In” Portable Cricket Wicket installations include: 

  • Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand
  • ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia
  • Colonial Stadium, Melbourne, Australia
  • Otago Rugby Football Club, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Lords Ground, Marylebone Cricket Club, UK — Three portable cricket pitch trays have been installed by StrathAyr, with the pitches constructed and maintained by the MCC, as a joint research and development program into the use of this technology under UK conditions.
  • MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) – StrathAyr install and remove the MCG Drop In Wickets on a contract basis.

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