Portable Natural Grass Tennis Court

We match the best grass varieties to your lawn needs.

The Tennis Australia StrathAyr Portable Tennis Court has enabled Australia’s Davis Cup Team to play on their preferred surface grass, in several Davis Cup ties including three finals.
The Court consists of 160 modules and is generally moved in just a few days before the practice sessions to allow time for final court preparation.
Each module is 2.4m x 2.4m (6m 2), 200mm deep, and weighs 1.7 tonnes. The modules include a metal drainage base, loam soil, and Legend Couch Grass. The soil is 150mm deep and is reinforced with ReFlex® mesh elements.
The Tennis Australia / StrathAyr Portable Tennis Court is a joint venture between Tennis Australia and StrathAyr. StrathAyr is responsible for the design,
construction and maintenance of the court with Tennis Australia providing the specialist expertise to provide a suitable playing surface.
StrathAyr Portable Tennis Court technology is available world wide.

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