TotalcAyr Lawn Care Service Program

For Happy Lawns!

Advice, supplies and pressies on your lawn’s anniversary guarantees you’ll stay proud of your lawn.


How it works

The StrathAyr Team love your new lawn. We planted it, nurtured it, watched it grow, and smiled proudly as it left our turf farm to plant roots at its new home – yours. We want your new lawn to thrive, but sometimes it’s hard to navigate the world of growing grass without putting in a lot of time and research.

The TotalcAyr Program enables us to monitor the growth and health of your lawn for the next 3 years whilst it establishes itself. Think of TotalcAyr as an annual health check and prescriptive product delivery service for your lawn.

Over 3 on-site visits (3 months after installation and 2 more annually thereafter), a lawn care professional will give you advice unique to your lawn, including how to fertilise, water, mow, aerate and protect it from diseases and insects. The annual visit will also include delivery of the lawn-care products you need valued over $100 and another $50 of lawn-care products specific to your lawn’s needs. To top this off, you’ll receive a surprise lawn-care gift each year! Will it be a fertiliser spreader tool? Aeration sandals? Soil tester tool? Sign up to find out.

When you purchase the TotalCAyr program, you only pay for the first visit, a total of $290, and we’ll contact you for payment before each appointment on your lawn’s anniversary.

Get your lawn the gift of TotalcAyr – your grass will thank you!

When you order your grass from StrathAyr,