Terms and Conditions

StrathAyr takes great pride in its products and services.

Every endeavour is taken to supply 100% quality turf products

Due to the nature of dealing with a “living” product we do stress the need for customers to be aware of the following important guidelines and Terms and Conditions which apply to turf supply.

Kerbside Delivery

All turf is delivered to kerbside unless otherwise requested prior to delivery.

Should a customer request a variation to this it will be at the drivers discretion to determine it this is possible and the customer will accept all responsibilty should any damage occur to paving, driveways, structures whilst attempting to accomodate their requests.

Immediate Installation

Turf should be layed immediately following delivery.

Turf is a living product and as such cannot be stored for any period of time prior to installation.

Interstate  or “held over” turf deliveries

A signed disclaimer shall be required if turf requires interstate freight or freight where the turf will be held over for a period of more than 24hrs after harvest prior to installation.

Installation of Warm Season Grasses out of season

Warm Season grasses require warm soil temperatures for growth and during May to September when soil temperatures reduce there is a risk that the turf may not take root.

Although all care is taken to supply quality turf, no responsibility is taken for the successful installation of warm season grasses during the winter period.


Correct turf care and maintenance is crucial to produce and maintain a healthy lawn.

The guarantee of acceptable quality will not apply if the customer uses the goods abnormally , causes the quality of the goods to become unacceptable or fails to take resonable steps to avoid the quality becoming unacceptable.

Lawn Solutions Australia growers offer so much more than just turf. From their expertise about the best grass type for your locality, professionals to help with measuring and calculating the amount of turf you need, to their turf laying and installation services, our suppliers go the extra mile to make your lawn perfect.