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Most Valued Player in Major Sports Ground Turf

The StrathAyr Sports Field System is the product of sports turf technology, research and advancements over the years. The durable profile provides a hard-wearing natural grass surface for sports fields that’s safe for players. We begin with a base of gravel and pipes, add a second layer of sand, and top it all off with upper rootzone reinforced with ReFlex® mesh elements, to produce a unique profile for all types of sports. This natural turf system provides unbeatable surface strength, outstanding drainage capabilities and the best grass growth going round, allowing more usage over a longer period of time for sports, concerts or other stadium activities.

We match the best grass varieties to your lawn needs.

Rain or Shine

Wet weather cancellations are a thing of the past with the StrathAyr Sports Field System. Local climate dictates the build of each project’s drainage system so that your sports field will perform the best under local conditions.

Lasts Longer

ReFlex® mesh elements extend the life of the rootzone profile, creating compaction resistance for a long-lasting sports turf.

Increased Usage

Stadia owners and managers are given the opportunity to host more events and increase their returns through a number of factors, including the ability to handle all weather conditions, high load bearing capabilities, better wear resistance and faster damage recovery.

Safer for Players

The technology provides greater surface uniformity and the action of the ReFlex® mesh elements provides a cushioning effect on impact, lowering the potential for injury. No conventional or artificial surface offers an equivalent level of safety.

Sports Profile Design

Drainage design and turf species selection are customised for climate and country, but other elements of the StrathAyr Sports Field System’s build always stays the same

Load Bearing

The unique application of ReFlex® mesh elements provides the load bearing capability of a secondary bitumen road. This enables equipment or trucks to travel over the surface in all weather conditions without compaction.


StrathAyr has developed machines specially for precision installation of the Sports Field System.

Our unique 10 Year Lawn Warranty certifies that turf supplied by a Lawn Solutions Australia member has been grown and harvested to stringent standards, is free of weeds and disease on delivery, and will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment.

All our growers and resellers are committed to this Warranty.