Measure Your Lawn Area

Sketch your area onto graph paper, it is then easy to estimate your requirments using the following formulas.

Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width (W) by the length(L).

eg 10m wide x 5.5m long = 55 square metres


Multiply the radius by itself then by 3.14.

eg 4m x 4m x 3.14 = 51 square metres


Multiply the height (H) by the base width (B) and devide by 2.

eg 10m x 8m/ 2 = 40 square metres

Preparing Your Turf

Site Preparating be for laying your lawn is crucial The method of turf installation will determine the quality of the final product.

If you are a home hadyman and wanting to install your own lawn you can follow our guide to help you from start to finish.

Clear The Area

Remove the weeds either by hand or spray with a glyphosate herbicide (e.g. Roundup).  If couch grass or kikuyu is present, add a group B herbicide such as Brassoff.  Wait until the weeds die (approximately seven to ten days). Remove all debris including any small rocks and twigs.  If removing an existing lawn and replacing with a new variety, consider hiring a turf cutter for large areas, alternatively use a sharp spade

Cultivate The Area

Use a rotary hoe (available for hire) to cultivate the entire area. Otherwise you can dig it over thoroughly with a garden fork to a depth of about 150mm.  Remove any rocks, stones or sticks as you dig. Add Dolomite Lime to correct soil pH.  If you are applying gypsum (to treat a clay soil), this is the stage to do it

Incorporate Underlay

Incorporate a sandy loam underlay soil, spreading to a depth of 50-100mm, depending on your site soil. You will need to order 1m³ of underlay for every 20m² of turf area if you are putting it at 50mm depth. If organic compost such as manure is used, ensure it is well composted. Level off soil with a rake and then firm by watering. Ensure finished turf sits 75mm below weep holes

Order The Turf

Measure up the area, marking the dimensions on a sketch of the area. using the StrathAyr turf calculator to calculate the turf required. Order online or by phoning our office.

Apply Lawn Starter

Prior to installation of your turf, apply a pre-plant (starter) lawn fertiliser at the recommended rate, using a fertiliser spreader to ensure even distribution.

Tip: this will give your lawn sufficient nutrients for the first six weeks

Lay The Turf

Turf is cut fresh at the turf farm and delivered within 24 hours. Lay turf immediately once you receive it to avoid any drying out and overheating.  Lay the turf in a brick work pattern.


Tip: Turf is laid across sloping sites. Start from a straight edge such as driveway or paving. Lay the turf in a brick work pattern, ensuring the edges fit snugly together.

Fold turf slabs to avoid damage.