Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

We all know how hot and harsh Australian summers can be. While we all have the benefit of hiding in the shade, relaxing by the beach or cranking up our air conditioners and fans, your lawn is forced to endure the hot sun all day long. While StrathAyr turf is specifically designed to adapt to the Aussie climate, there are various things you can do now in spring to prepare your lawn for the season ahead.


Fertilising your lawn is a year-round affair, but there are certain times when it is more important than others. One of those times is now! Spring is a crucial season to fertilise as your grass has just come out of dormancy during winter and is entering its fastest growth period.

Fertilising your lawn now ensures that it has enough nutrients so that this growth is maximized; giving you a thicker, healthier lawn with deeper roots, ready to tackle the upcoming summer heat.


In areas of your lawn with high traffic, the soil can become compacted, depriving your grass of its two most needed substances; air and water. Luckily, there is a simple solution to decompacting your soil; aerating!

Aerating involves making small holes in the soil to promote root growth and allow for better air and water access to your roots, essential factors for your lawn coming into summer.

Aerating can be done by simply using a garden fork to press holes into the turf and giving it a small wiggle to create space. For larger lawns aeration can be achieved by using a spiked roller or self-propelled mechanical aerator.

Ensuring your root system is deep, strong and healthy is the key to your lawn thriving in the harsh Aussie summer.



It may seem obvious, but watering your lawn correctly is vital to making sure your lawn is as strong as it can be coming into summer and dealing with high heat and low rainfall. Less frequent but deeper watering is vastly more beneficial for your lawn (and your garden) than regular shallow waters. Longer, less frequent waters reach deeper down into the soil, enabling roots to grow deeper which in turn helps protect your lawn against hot, dry periods.


Just like your lawn, weeds thrive in the warming temperatures of spring. It’s important to keep an eye out for any weeds growing in your lawn and get on top of them immediately. Not acting when you first see weeds growing can lead to infestation, which can have disastrous effects for your lawn going into summer.

Keeping a healthy lawn is already a good deterrent to weed infestation, but if you spot them growing amongst your beloved turf there’s a few options you can take. The first option is hand removal. If there are only a few weeds you can see, you can pull them out by hand, making sure you remove the roots too. For bigger jobs, a pesticide may be necessary, applied with a weeding wand or brush.