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Our nursery partners know that we can’t be beat in variety, quality and expertise – so neither can they.

Decades of Partnership

We have many long-standing relationships with nurseries in Victoria and Tasmania and support them in their business mission. These partnerships allows our premium quality grasses to find more homes around Australia, and potential customers get the highest quality grass.

Variety for our Partners

From DNA certified Sir Walter to RTF Fescue, we provide our nursery partners with a large variety of premium quality grasses. Our grass brands are backed up by Lawn Solutions Australia and AusGAP certification, as well as a 10 year customer product warranty.

We love our nursery partners.

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 Grass Trends

We’re at the forefront of industry trends, ready to provide new varieties or larger quantities of popular brands to meet demand. We adopt advancements in turf construction technology quickly so we can assure the best product in your nursery.

Professional Grass People

Nurseries are run by professional grass people and so are we. When you partner with StrathAyr, you know we’ll provide you with a guaranteed premium quality product.

Lawn Solutions Australia growers offer so much more than just turf. From their expertise about the best grass type for your locality, professionals to help with measuring and calculating the amount of turf you need, to their turf laying and installation services, our suppliers go the extra mile to make your lawn perfect.

Ensuring your root system is deep, strong and healthy is the key to your lawn thriving in the harsh Aussie summer.

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