A Grass for Every Occasion

Get to know the grasses of Southern Australia! The grass is always green on both sides once you get to know the different types and where they shine. Whether you need a grass that’s shade tolerant, thrives in full sun, requires less maintenance, or stays green all year round, we’ve got the grass for you.

Instant Lawn Grass Types Available at StrathAyr

Sir Walter

Australia’s most versatile grass variety, DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass must pass strict guidelines to achieve DNA qualification.

Australia’s No. 1 Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn has stood the test of time, proving over and over that it will grow anywhere:

  • in full sun
  • in shade
  • in extreme heat
  • in frost
  • in drought  

It’s also wear resistant, holds out most weeds and is non-invasive.

Nullarbor Couch

The best couch grass for Victorian lawns, Nullarbor Couch is a warm season grass that’s drought tolerant, wear resistant and requires moderate maintenance.

Ideal for sports venues, commercial projects and home lawns

Producing a very dense turf, Nullarbor Couch Grass is widely used for sports and commercial landscaping projects as well as home gardens. It’s excellent for hard wearing areas yet soft to walk on and environmentally friendly. It is best mown every 5-7 days in summer and is drought resistant. Its low dormancy means it has an early start to growth after winter, and it has rapid recovery from wear and other stresses.

Nullarbor Couch Legend

Our premium couch grass, Nullarbor Couch Legend displays the same characteristics as Nullarbor Couch and is ideal for golf courses and sporting venues. It has been popular with major golf courses and sporting venues around Australia. However, the homeowner will discover this grass offers a fine leaf, drought-tolerant, hard-wearing and manicured lawn. It’s a warm season grass suited for full-sun areas, but does have better winter colour retention than other couch grasses.

 Installation in colder months

We oversow some of our warm season varieties of turf with a transitional Ryegrass for sale from April to September, to help overcome the issues of installing warm season grass varieties in the colder months. The Ryegrass is actively growing through the winter months and will hold the sod to the surface until the spring.

RTF Fescue

RTF Fescue is a soft, cold season grass developed with technology that gives it superior self-repair abilities. Exclusive to Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers, RTF – or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Grass – is a self-repairing grass that produces a thick, even, soft lawn that thrives in cold climate regions. RTF Fescue also features a leaf texture distinct from normal tall fescue varieties, being much softer to touch, gentle even on bare feet.

Deep-rooting plants mean greater heat tolerance

Tall Fescue grass is more drought tolerant than most other species due to its deep roots. RTF Fescue is one of the deepest rooting cool season grasses available, with roots tapping into water normally not available. Whilst it does not to have the drought tolerance of warm season varieties such as Sir Walter Buffalo, it is more drought tolerant than most cool season grasses.

Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka Kikuyu Grass is a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions. Good for both home lawns and larger spaces such as racecourses or parks. The best choice for your lawn, its medium-coarse bright green leaves give a Eureka Kikuyu lawn superior colour, maintained year-round in warm climates. In cold climates, growth and colour are maintained well into autumn and early winter. Eureka Kikuyu also has superior disease resistance and reasonable cold weather tolerance.

Great for high-wear areas

Preferring a sunny aspect, Eureka Kikuyu provides a dense, rapid growing lawn. It repairs very quickly if damaged and is able to establish a strong, deep root base to help it stand up to the hottest summer days. Eureka Kikuyu enjoys a long growing season and requires regular mowing, making it high maintenance.

Eureka Kikuyu Premium

Bred to be superior to it’s predecessor, Eureka Kikuyu Premium is an agressive grass that thrives when water and fertiliser are a less abundant.

Performing well in low-maintenance regimes

The Premium is very aggressive grass and performs very well under low maintenance regimes where water and fertiliser are limited, making it ideal for green space corridors, low maintenance ovals, nature strips or residential yards without automated irrigation. It has an excellent dark green colour that holds into winter when traditional Kikuyu is yellowing off. Available from Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers in Victoria only. It is especially suited for areas that need to sustain high traffic during winter, as it is more active than other drought tolerant turf varieties during dormancy.

EasiCare Tall Fescue Grass  (Tasmania only)

EasiCare tall fescue consists of turf type tall fescue, a deep rooting grass which enables the lawn to extract all available moisture and nutrients from the soil. This cool season grass is green all year round.

BlueBlend Premium (Tasmania only)

BlueBlend Premium (Easigreen) consists of turf type Kentucky Bluegrass and RPR regenerating perennial Ryegrass to provide a luxurious deep green lawn. This hard wearing lawn is green all year round. Regular watering and  fertilising are required to keep it looking great.

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda has been scientifically forged, to produce a great looking, all round lawn with superior qualities whilst requiring minimal input.
With a fine leaf blade and dense growth, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Its density enables it to handle high wear situations whilst its fine blade ensures shade tolerance and a very soft leaf to walk on.

Great for high-wear areas

  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Fantastic winter colour and spring up qualities
  • Self-repairing and shade tolerant
  • 10-year product warranty comes included



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Bermuda: Green tough turf

After almost 25 years of research and development from one of the world’s leading turf grass breeders, and hand selected from almost 30,000 different Bermuda varieties, TifTuf is a clear winner.

TifTuf has a very fine leaf blade with dense growth, which means its shade tolerant and a very soft leaf to walk on. At the same time, it demonstrates drought tolerance (it requires 38% less water than other varieties), self repairs and handles high wear situations like backyard pets. All this, and TifTuf stills displays fantastic winter colour and spring green up qualities.

TifTuf Bermuda has been scientifically engineered to produce a great looking lawn year round whilst requiring minimal inputs, making your lawn routine a bit more care-free.

Sir Grange: From golf course to your lawn

The StrathAyr’s research and development program has worked with some of the world’s leading turf grass research facilities to bring Sir Grange to the Australian market in Spring 2017. Originally developed for golf courses, it was soon discovered that Sir Grange would make a fantastic home lawn. Its adaptability to a variety of climates and beautiful dark green leaf have seen it become the #1 selling zoysia grass in the USA.

Sir Grange is a fine bladed premium turf variety, which has high shade tolerance (it needs only 3 hours sun per day) but can also handle full sun, high drought conditions and sub-freezing temperatures. Sir Grange requires very low nutrient requirements (75% less nitrogen than other common turf varieties). It tolerates high wear, self repairs and resists weeds and insects. However, the best news is it requires up to 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties!