• Water deeply – deep soaking will establish a deep root system, meaning the roots are less vulnerable to drying out
  • Aim to get the water down about 25mm below the roots.
  • The best time to water is early in the morning to avoid water loss through evaporation. Watering later in the evening can mean the lawn remains wet overnight, which can encourage disease


  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf in any one mowing.
  • You can start mowing your new lawn as soon as the turf is firmly rooted (generally 2 – 3 weeks). Root establishment may take longer during cooler months.


  • It is important to correctly identify weeds and get professional advice on treatment. Please call the StrathAyr team for advice – or check out our website to help identify weeds and appropriate treatments


  • Your turf needs to be fed regularly with a slow release granular fertiliser to remain strong and healthy.
  • To ensure the best results it is critical that you fertilise your new turf 4 weeks after installation.
  • Your turf should be fertilised every 6-8 weeks throughout the growing season, from early September through to April/May.
  • Use a fertiliser spreader to ensure even spread across your lawn.
  • Using one application of Oxafert in Autumn is recommended to prevent winter weeds germinating.


  • Aeration of your lawn helps de-compact soils, allowing air to circulate and water to penetrate the soil. Use aeration shoes to aerate your lawn or alternatively use a garden folk to do it by hand. The best time to aerate your lawn is in Autumn/Winter.

Colour Guard

  • Colour Guard is a natural pigment that is sprayed onto your lawn to instantly restore the natural green colour of your grass. It can be applied year round, giving you a lovely green lawn throughout Winter and even during drought and water restrictions.
  • Late Autumn is the best time to apply Colour Guard, with a follow-up application 8 weeks later.