Your DIY Guide to Installing Your Instant Lawn

We match the best grass varieties to your lawn needs.

If you are a home handyman and are wanting to install your own lawn you can follow our guide to help you from start to finish.

Measure your lawn area and sketch it onto graph paper.  It is then easy to estimate your requirements using the following formulas.

Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width (W) by the length (L).

eg 10m wide x 5.5m long = 55 square metres


Multiply the radius by itself then by 3.14.

eg 4m  x 4m x 3.14 = 51 square metres


Multiply the height (H) by the base width (B) and divide by 2.

eg 10m x 8m / 2 = 40 square metres

Site preparation

We recommend you complete the following preparation prior to delivery:

  • Spray out any existing weeds or grasses.
  • Rotary hoe or spread topsoil to a depth of 100-150mm and remove any stones and lumps of organic matter.
  • Rake and level  to an even surface – finished soil level should sit 10mm below top of pathways for RTF Tall Fescue, 15-20mm for Couch grasses and 25mm below top of paths for Sir Walter and  Kikuyu lawns.
  • Spread lawn starter fertiliser (add lime if your soil is acidic)
  • Lightly roll or water the area into a firm surface

Now you are ready to have your instant lawn delivered.

When you order your grass from StrathAyr,


Laying turf

  • Your instant lawn will be delivered in either rolls or slabs depending on the variety.
  • Lightly water prepared area
  • Roll out your instant lawn in a brick work pattern
  • Push individual strips together firmly – do not stretch or overlap
  • Cut turf with a sharp knife around plants and paths
  • Water immediately to saturate the grass mat and wet underneath soil

(Sir Walter has a slightly uneven edge when harvested. After laying  it is recommended you topdress the joins with  approx. 10mm of washed coarse sand- you will require approx 1/2m³ for a lawn area of 100m²).

Rolling warm season  turf at this stage – buffalo, couch or kikuyu varieties –  will also help to achieve maximum soil contact.

Now your instant lawn is ready to enjoy.

We recommend your new lawn is laid on the day of delivery. Water immediately

Order by 9.30 am for next day delivery

– subject to availability –

Using your new lawn

We recommend you keep off your new lawn for at least 2 weeks.


  • Watering – Water your instant lawn following installation and then as often as required to keep your lawn moist for the first two weeks i.e.  up to 4 times a day if required in peak hot periods.  Do not allow the turf to dry out whilst establishing. Gradually reduce frequency as the roots establish.
  • Mowing – First mowing at 2-3 weeks after laying with mower on the highest setting.
  • Fertilising – Fertilise 4 weeks after laying with a complete lawn food.