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StrathAyr has 50 years’ experience growing and supplying turf for sports grounds, community green spaces and the great Australian front yard and backyard. Our grasses are grown in Southern state conditions with AusGAP certified farming practices, producing superb turf quality and health.

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Home Lawns

Life plays out on the lawn. We work hard to grow our variety of turf grasses and then carefully assess your home lawn needs. Rest easy knowing you have the right lawn for family, entertaining and relaxing in your front yard and backyard.

Let us transform your house into a home, with great yards.

Landscaping Projects

After all the effort it takes to plan a great outdoor space, it’s nice to know that you’re getting top of the line turf to complete the lawn. Our turf lawns can’t be beat in variety and quality, and our staff have a wealth of knowledge on different types and installation.

Get superior turf and advice to execute your design for masterful results.

Ensuring your root system is deep, strong and healthy is the key to your lawn thriving in the harsh Aussie summer.

Building Projects

The first thing a home buyer notices is the outside of a home, framed in turf. Luckily, having a great lawn to polish off your project is easy when you use the experts in premium turf.

Give your project the finishing touch it deserves with our high-quality lawns.

Nursery Partners

Nurseries want premium turf varieties to offer their customers, and we want our turf to become much loved lawns for home-owners and residents. We take pride in providing our nursery partners with top service and offering the most popular as well as the trendy turf varieties they need. Partner with us for premium quality turf and an ongoing professional relationship.

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Fields & Communities

Sports fields and community projects need different turf installation solutions for their unique needs. More than just installing turf, we have years of experience working on medium and large scale projects such as sports stadiums, golf courses, and cricket pitches. We’ve also helped make some of Australia’s recreational areas some of the best looking in Australia. Find the right solution for your sports field or community project with scientifically-engineered, industry-leading turf systems.

Lawn Solutions Australia are the nation’s best and most experienced turf growers who have come together to offer a one-stop solution to all your lawn needs. StrathAyr is an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia supplier.

Lawn Solutions Australia’s industry leading accreditation system gives you peace of mind that wherever you live, you receive the same high quality of advice, turf and customer service. All our turf suppliers and their personnel go through the same rigorous training and are also AusGAP Certified.

Life plays out on your Lawn

Home Yards

Home lawns that make families proud

Landscapers & Tradies

Premium grass varieties for polished landscaping results


Beautiful lawns for beautiful building projects


The experts in premium grass varieties for nurseries


Specially developed solutions for large scale sports and community projects.