Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) evolved after Australia’s leading turf growers decided to band together to give you the opportunity to have a one stop shop for all things turf, from lawns, to lawn care products to lawn care services.

Eighteen months in the making in Autumn 2014 Lawn Solutions Australia will be ready to offer a complete lawn solution, both commercially and to the home lawn consumer.

LSA will be a national group of accredited growers with a range of products and services available that you will have to see to believe. Lawn Solutions Australia is setting standards never seen before in the Australian Turf Market.

The Lawn Solutions Australia group brings together the collective wisdom, knowledge and best practices of leading Australian turf producers, some of whom have 30-plus years’ experience in the industry, under a single banner to supply nationally branded turf varieties, as well as a range of value-added products and services
The LSA group and its exclusive turf brands have been developed off the back of the success of Australia’s No 1 soft-leaf buffalo, Sir Walter.

All the members of the group are Sir Walter growers, and are promising the same ‘gold standard’ of performance in the new range of turf brands, lawn care products and services.
It’s good news in an industry where turf varieties quickly change in the market or are branded differently across the country, causing confusion among specifiers and customers.
“Currently there are nearly 70 turf varieties in the Australian market, with more on the way,” says LSA Business Manager, Simon Adermann.

“Each of our members will grow and sell the best regional varieties that will be offered under our uniform, national brand names.” 

The Lawn Solutions Australia varieties available to you in Victoria will be
          • Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo
          • Nullarbor Couch    (
formally know as Santa Ana Couch)
          • Nullarbor Couch Legend    
(formally know as Legend Couch)
          • Eureka Kikuyu
          • Eureka Kikuyu Premium   
(formally know as Village Green Kikuyu) 

          • RTF Fescue.

“Our customers will still get the variety of couch or kikuyu that best suits their local conditions, but they will be marketed under our national brand names,” says Adermann. “The launch of Lawn Solutions Australia will be a game-changer for our industry and our customers,” says Adermann. “We’re taking the Australian turf industry to a new level of professionalism, and our commercial customers will be the big winners.”

To top it all off check out our industry first 10 year customer care warranty for absolute peace of mind 

Lawn Solution Centres (LSC) will be setup throughout Melbourne also.
Many of our existing Nursery outlets will become LSC which will provide a “local” shop to pop into to get a close up feel of the turf varieties and the products. Each of these LSC will have live turf display stands and lawn care product stands.
For more information on why purchasing your lawn from an LSA member is the best choice for you just go to
Lawn Solutions Australia.






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