More Rain - Less Restrictions for Melbourne Homeowners

Permanent Water Use Rules for Melbourne

With increased rainfall heavy restrictions have been lifted and permanent watering rules have been put in place to help now and in the future. 

If we see a return to the drought that we experienced in previous years , these rules may get tougher but for now it is wise watering we are practicing

For more information on current watering rules for Melbourne Metro areas follow this link.


Water Restrictions Eased in Melbourne
The Age, November 30, 2011 - 9:42AM

Water restrictions will be eased in Melbourne so residents can water lawns with trigger hoses.
Melbourne will return to stage one water restrictions tomorrow.
Residential and commercial gardens can be watered with manual watering systems between 6am and 8am and between 8pm and 10pm on specified watering days, while automatic watering systems can be used between midnight and 4am.
Hand-held hoses with a trigger nozzle, buckets or watering cans may be used to water gardens and lawns at any time.
Hosing of concrete and hard surfaces remains banned.
Odd numbered houses can water gardens and lawns on odd dates and even numbered houses on even numbered days.
All residents can water gardens and lawns on the 31st of the month.

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28 Day Water Exemptions

28 day water exemptions for new warm season grass lawns are available for Melbourne residents.

With the new STAGE 1 restrictions you can water by hand, as per the guidelines, at anytime. With a 28 day exemption you may use your irrigation system to water, for the 28 day period, at aytime. 

As the exemption is valid for 28 days from the date of application, you should apply for your exemption on the day you install your pre-grown grass or sow your seed.


More information see

For further information please contact StrathAyr on 1800 622 455 or your water retailer:                        

 City West Water  131 691
 South East Water  131 897
 Yarra Valley Water  131 721