It is important to look after your investment and fertilise your lawn regularly


Handy tips for keeping your lawn in top condition


• Water only when your lawn needs it. How often you water your lawn will depend on the weather, the type of instant lawn and the soil you have.
• The grass should be allowed to partly dry out between waterings. This lets in air to the root system, stimulates deeper root formation and creates a healthy more drought resistant lawn.
• Winter watering is generally not necessary unless it is an abnormally dry season.
• During warmer months a good deep watering once to twice a week should be sufficient once established.

So just to recap on those watering tips for your new lawn check out our youtube link


• Fertilise regularly all year to ensure a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn will deter weeds and better survive drought periods.
• Apply a complete lawn food.  We do not recommend weed and feed products for Sir Walter.
• BlueBlend, EasiCare™ and RTF™ should be fertilised every 6-8 weeks. Frequency can be reduced in Winter.
• Sir Walter, Legend, Wintergreen, Village Green & Kikuyu should be fertilised throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn.
• Spread fertiliser evenly and water in well. Heavy concentrations or applying fertiliser to wet lawns will burn. Apply in two directions to ensure an even spread.


• Mow regularly at the following heights:
       - Sir Walter, Village Green, Kikuyu 20-40mm
       - Legend™,Wintergreen & Santa Ana15-30mm 
       - RTF™ & EasiCare™ 35-50mm
       - BlueBlend 25-50mm
• In shady areas mow to the highest recommended height
• Keep mower blades sharp.
• Severely reducing height in one cut should be avoided (no more than 1/3 of leaf height to be cut off in any one mowing).
• Low mowing will damage your lawn.