Help Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Aussies have long valued the importance of grass – around the home, in our schools and parks and sporting venues.

Grass also plays an important role in our environment.

It helps in the fight against global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Grass also acts as a filter for our waterways and cools the environment.

Have you ever considered how much cooler grass can make your own home environment?

Grass provides an even greater cooling effect than trees and grass can even achieve similar cooling effects to large open water surfaces - with up to 40% less water wastage by evaporation

If your home has a lovely green grass landscape instead of a hard landscape area this can dramatically change the temperature around your home.

Grass is generally up to 30-40 degrees cooler than any asphalt concrete or pebble and up to 20 degrees cooler than dry synthetic/artificial grasses.

Anyone living in a bushfire region knows only too well how important green grass areas around the home are in reducing the risk of bushfires.

Quite often the “safe” zones are on sportsfields or green openspace areas.

So consider “going green” in your own backyard.

If your not sure which grass will best suit your situation give us a call to discuss our huge range of grasses including  our Sir Walter Buffalo premium turf.