ColourGuard brings your winter lawns to life....

ColourGuard will add street appeal to your lawn - it is known as the "instant restorer" - a perfect way to have lush green lawn all year round.

Drought-affected, frost-damaged and dormant lawns can look unsightly - for a quick repair that will keep the colour for months a ColourGuard application can instantly change the appearance to a healthier look.

✔ Easy to use
✔ Lasts up to 3 months
✔ 100% organic (no harmful chemicals)
✔ Substantially reduces the amount of watering needed
✔ UV fade resistant
✔ Works on all types of grass
✔ Safe for the environment, pets & people
✔ Works in hot, cold and frost climates

 For more information click here  and you can watch Jasons video below on how to use ColourGuard 


ColourGUARD repair. 

Winter and Warm Season Grasses just dont go well together and as hard as you try the frost does have an enourmous effect.  This poor load of turf copped a frost prior to harvest and pallet stacking.  The leopard print result was the extremely  dissapointing result once layed out.  The frost had burnt the rolls during transport but with the help of ColourGUARD the stark contrast was subdued and the end result much improved till the warm spring weather can work its magic and have the lawn looking great again. As you can see the unsprayed area does look pretty sad compared to the much greener sprayed area. 















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