Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG

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  • Product Description

    In Victoria, Village Green Kikuyu has been chosen to represent Eureka Kikuyu PremiumVG  as our superior kikuyu for its soft leaf, hard wearing and low maintenance features. 

    Fast Growing, Fast Repairing Kikuyu Grass

    A fast growing creeping grass that is suitable for high traffic areas

    Warm Season Grass

    Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG is a Warm Season grass and as such may loose some colour in Winter depending on the season and where you are situated. 

    Drought, Frost and Wear Tolerant

    It has better winter colour than other Warm Season grases and is tolerant of drought, frost and wear. 

    Normally we can expect to see the discolouration from June to September but this will depend on the seasons and how cold the weather is. 

    If you are in a frost prone area for example you will experience a longer dormancy period than a beachside suburb.

    The upside to these warm season grasses is that they are very hard wearing and do like the heat and will use 2- 3 times less water during peak heat periods than Cool Season grasses.

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