rtf tall fescue lawn
  • Product Description

    All StrathAyr’s warm season turf varieties can be supplied as sprigs.

    Top quality sprigs are produced with our BAyr Root (Washed)Turf SprigAyr.

    Spriggs require warm soil temperatures to establish so ideally are installed at the start of spring to take advantage of a full Spring/Summer growth period.

    You can purchase sprigs per m² of coverage

                                       Sprigs are supplied at a ratio of 10:1  

    Preparation for installation of sprigs is the same as turf.  A 100-150m base of good quality soil, levelled and consolidated is required. The sprigs are spread and topdressed with soil to create a light "sandwhich" effect or lightly rotary hoed into the surface.  It is important that the sprigs are not totally "buried".

    On  commercial sites,  sprigs are traditionally spread using a Muck Spreader.Please contact us to arrange installation with a muck spreader.

    For residential installations sprigs are spread by hand as evenly as possible and then  lightly topdressed with soil.

    Spriggs can be lightly rotary hoed into the surface but this must be done with a very shallow hoeing.

    Watering is extremely important.  It is imperative that the area remain moist.  You MUST NOT allow the area to dry out. 

    For any further information please feel free to call and discuss with us.