RTF Tall Fescue

rtf tall fescue lawn
  • Product Description

    RTF™ (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is a premium tall fescue which produces rhizomes.
    A rhizome is an underground stem or runner that extends outwards under the soil from the main plant. The rhizome will send a shoot up to the soil surface while extending new roots downward forming a new plant and thus enabling the lawn to repair itself and cover bare spots. The lawn will also establish faster than regular tall fescue so you can use it, and reduce watering, earlier.

    RTF™ Tall Fescue is great for the Victorian climate for the following reasons:
    • Self repairing turf
    - Knits lawn together
    - Quickly fills in damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass
    • Strong, deep root system
    - Ability to anchor itself more quickly into the soil
    - Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation
    • Excellent colour and disease resistance
    - Withstands stressful weather conditions and keeps it's rich green colour, even with winters low temperatures
    - Provides excellent protection against insects, diseases and enhances drought tolerance
    - Grows well in sun and shade
    • Higher value for the home owner than conventional fescues
    - Self repairing
    - Maintains lawn density
    • Increased winter growth
    - Better winter growth & colour than other tall fescues
    RTF™ is the only True Turf Type Rhizomatous Tall Fescue available

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