Car Parking on Grass

rtf tall fescue lawn
  • Product Description

    Netpave® provides a natural, attractive, easy to use and durable solution for car parking and high use amenity areas that would otherwise not sustain a lawn. Suitable for car parking on lawn areas around the home. There are two types of Netpave:

    Netpave ® 50

    Netpave ® 50 units are connected by lugs and slots, these unique flexible elements can be laid on undulating surfaces and gradients. Netpave ® 50 can be filled with soil/grass, the cellular structure and open base enables unrestricted root growth. Alternatively it can be filled with gravel and the cellular structure will retain the stone and prevent loss or displacement.
    • 100% recycled polyethylene
    • Load bearing capability
    • Resists deformation and fracture
    • Easy installation with no pegging
    • Conforms to irregular surfaces and gradients


    Case-Study_Netpave 50




    Netpave ® 25

    Netpave ® 25 is intended to be used on top of existing grass surfaces and is ideal for overspill parking and other areas where regular wear would soon damage your lawn from erosion. No substructure or exacavation is needed to implement Netpave ® 25 - you simply lay it onto the grass surface and your lawn is protected. The 25mm thick surface can be almost invisible after 2-3 months of a grass-growing season.
    • Able to support light traffic on firm ground Used on top of existing grass surfaces
    • Resists deformation and fracture
    • Rapid fastening system
    • Quick and easy installation with no excavation or pegging
    • Conforms to irregular surfaces and gradients


    Case Study - Netpave 25