BAyr Root Turf

rtf tall fescue lawn
  • Product Description

    StrathAyr BAyr Root Turf results in faster and denser root development than conventional turf.
    The process involves harvesting turf and removing all the soil by the StrathAyr BAyr Root Turf Processing System.

    You can see this process in operation on our YOU TUBE page 

    The result is a vegetative turf mat free of any soil.
    • Soil interface and contamination problems are eliminated
    • Faster establishment of a mature surface
    • Faster laying time - it weighs less
    • Cleaner to work with - no soil
    • Easier to lay - particularly in wet weather

    The specialist turf washing machine is also available for purchase.

    StrathAyr is a leader in this field and our machines have been used in many countries for over 25 years.