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Choosing your home lawn


Your lawn comes direct from our farm to your home. 

Choose your instant lawn variety from our extensive range and have our experienced turf team  install your very own green oasis in your home.

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Turf Systems

StrathAyr's portfolio incorporates a complete natural turf problem solving package with the emphasis on sportsfields and racetracks.

Winter - An RTF Tall Fescue wonderland


Winter Lawn Care and choosing the right lawn.

It's winter so you might prefer to sit inside in the warm and read your book BUT!!

You have got your brand new lawn area ready to lay then dont go past our beautiful RTF Tall Fescue.

It is a beautiful soft lush lawn and ideal to install now in the colder months 

While your existing lawn might not need as much care as it does through some of the warmer seasons, a little bit of time spent in the garden over the winter can help keep it and yourself healthy.

Here are some things to remember:
• Keep the lawn clear from leaves – rake up and remove build up
• Use winter as a chance to remove weeds
• Raise your mower height – keeping your lawn a little longer will help reduce frost damage
• Aerate – this allows the lawn to breath and not become waterlogged
• Fertilise RTF Fescue lawns with a high nitrogen fertiliser.
• Watering??- it may be cold but is it raining? Lawns can dry out in winter if no rainfall so keep an eye on the soil and give your lawn a water if the soil is dry.

Happy Lawn Loving


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Want to greenup your grass for winter ??

ColourGuard it !!  

A totally 100% organic and non-toxic grass colorant.

Follow the link for more information. 

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Commercial and landscaping turf solutions

Colourful Modular Technology

16 August 2016

 StrathAyr Modular System "drops in" to Floriade 


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