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Choosing your home lawn


Your lawn comes direct from our farm to your home. 

Choose your instant lawn variety from our extensive range and have our experienced turf team  install your very own green oasis in your home.

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Turf Systems

StrathAyr's portfolio incorporates a complete natural turf problem solving package with the emphasis on sportsfields and racetracks.

Autumn - are we there yet!!!

Wont be long and the days will be getting a bit shorter and surely a bit cooler.  

It will be nice to get out in the garden again without the excessive heat we have experienced this summer.

The lack of rain this summer has effected even our really drought tolerant grassess, so Autumn is definitely the time to get back in the garden and give it a helping hand. 

Here are some tips for Autumn care:
• Aerate - always good to do at the turn of each season
• Fertiliser now and once again before winter to make sure your lawn is healthy going into the colder months
• Spray out any weeds - of course weeds can occur at any time and the turn of season usually sees different varieties pop up.

Give us a call or email in a photo of any weeds you might have and we will advise which is the best product to use to control them 

Happy Autumn out and abouts....


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What does LSA mean for our customers

Lawn Solutions Australia is the best news in Lawn for all our customers.  

We are continually looking for ways to improve our service to you the customer and LSA is a huge step in that direction.

As an accredited LSA Grower we are excited to be able to offer you all the benefits Lawn Solutions Australia has to offer.

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Commercial and landscaping turf solutions

StrathAyr Track for Newcastle Jockey Club

10 March 2016

One down , one to go 


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