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Turf Varieties

Choosing your home lawn


Your lawn comes direct from our farm to your home. 

Choose your instant lawn variety from our extensive range and have our experienced turf team  install your very own green oasis in your home.

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Turf Systems

StrathAyr's portfolio incorporates a complete natural turf problem solving package with the emphasis on sportsfields and racetracks.

Getting a Spring in your step??


Spring Lawn Care 

We are finally starting to see a few sunny days in a row, still a bit cool but it’s really trying to be springtime

You should always fertilise at the start of each season and you may have done so early September but considering all the rain we have had, ideally you will apply a follow up 8 weeks afterwards.

So if you haven’t already, hop on to our online store or give us a call to purchase our high quality lawn food and help your lawn welcome in the warm spring weather.

Other handy tips to do now before we move towards the summer season.
• Aerate – this allows the lawn to breath and recover from being waterlogged over winter
• Any weeds that have developed over winter need to be sprayed out to promote healthy turf growth for the coming summer period
• all the turf varieties will start growing quicker than we can mow them but remember not to mow too low on RTF Tall Fescue and if your warm season grasses that have been in for a couple of years are developing lot of thatch over the next few weeks is the perfect time to DE-THATCH .

Give us a call for advice on this.

Happy Lawn Loving


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Want to greenup your grass for winter ??

ColourGuard it !!  

A totally 100% organic and non-toxic grass colorant.

Follow the link for more information. 

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Commercial and landscaping turf solutions

Portable Flower Bed Modules by StrathAyr at Floriade

28 September 2016

StrathAyr's modular system was a new addition to this years Floriade 2016 spring celebration event in Canberra.


Discount Delivery Days

If you are able to lay your turf on a Tuesday or Wednesday you can take advantage of our special TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY delivery deals.

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