StrathAyr - experts in Instant Turf and Sports Turf Systems

StrathAyr is a turf producer, a developer of natural turf technology and a world-leader in sportsfield and racetrack construction techniques.
StrathAyr’s Victorian turf farm and Tasmanian turf farm provide the full range of turf varieties.  Internationally, we work with local distributors and contractors to provide the range of StrathAyr’s natural turf products.

StrathAyr products include:

• All turf types including Legend® Couch Grass, Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn Turf, RTF™ tall   fescue and Village Green Kikuyu
• Removable Natural Turf Systems for stadia, tennis and racecourses
• Permanent Natural Turf System for stadia and racecourses
• “Drop-In” Portable Cricket Wickets
• Natural Instant Turf Replacement products


“StrathAyr” is the property name of the companys'  original turf farm in the island state of Tasmania where the business began in 1969. StrathAyr expanded to Victoria in 1972.

Today StrathAyr operates two turf farms in Australia - Victoria and Tasmania  - and provides sportsturf products internationally.

StrathAyr's international business began in 1990 when BAyr Root (soil free) Turf was air freighted from Australia to Hong Kong for the resurfacing of the Sha Tin Racetrack.
International business has continued to expand with the StrathAyr Turf System installed at sporting venues around the world in USA, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. 

StrathAyr Companies

StrathAyr Pty Ltd is the turf production business in Victoria.
StrathAyr Turf Systems Pty Ltd is the International turf systems business.
StrathAyr Instant Lawn is the turf production business in Tasmania.